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Seek out purposeful
land opportunities

We look for land that fits our criteria for purposeful living spaces. We want to bring purpose to these areas by including space for important amenities in and around our condo and townhouse developments to form community. This could include schools, daycare centres, grocery stores, parks, playgrounds, gyms, walking and bike paths, bus stops, art displays, restaurants, and local businesses.


Listen to the People
and Businesses that
Support Community

We reach out to people who want to live in our homes and community spaces, and ask them what would add value to their lifestyle. We also receive input from local business owners, community groups, and city-run organizations, to explore more possibilities and confirm community support. We include everyone in the conversation, listen to what everyone has to say, and keep everyone informed and connected as we progress.


Design Homes and
Community Spaces
Based on what we heard

We keep ourselves informed of developing trends, technologies and materials, and we reach out to our network of local building supply vendors, urban designers, and contractors to bring life to the project. We look at both the personal space inside the homes and the shared spaces in the surrounding areas. We design these living spaces based on the input we receive from people in the community.


Present the Homes and
Community Spaces back
to the Community

We follow up with the people who provided their input on what they want to see in their homes and community spaces. We show them what we’re committing to, based on what we heard from them. We provide presentation centres, videos, renderings, floor plans, and design packages, so people know what to expect in their living spaces. If it isn’t meeting people’s expectations, we’ll adapt until we get it right.


Construct the Homes and
Community Spaces to
what we Committed to

We reconnect with our network of contractors and building supply vendors to deliver on what we promised, based on what everyone we reached out to agreed upon. We construct homes and community spaces that will last long after they are built. And because every decision we make is influenced by the people who live in and around these spaces, every detail serves a purpose, and is intended to add value to support their lifestyles.


Our method considers the long-term impact of how people live, work, and play, in and around their homes and community spaces.

Our method considers the long-term impact of how people live, work, and play, in and around their homes and community spaces.


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