5 Tips for a Stress-Free Move: How to Efficiently Pack Up and Move into Your New Home

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It’s time to move into your new home and you’re dreading packing up your current home. Do not worry– it’s natural to feel overwhelmed but keep in mind it’s a new beginning! To help you with the process we have outlined some tips for moving into your new home.

Declutter sooner than later

One of the biggest challenges of packing is having too many ‘things’. You may have items that you need to donate, sell, or discard altogether. Before moving to your new home – declutter and split it into these three groups.

Check expiration dates on beauty products (there’s a shelf life on a lot of items you will see 1Y, 6M, 3M, and so on letting you know the recommended shelf life once that product is opened). Next, check to see if all your small appliances work, and determine if you really need all those jeans! By decluttering in your current home you will be able to save space in your boxes when traveling and also have less work to do at the end. Depending on how many items you need to go through give yourself up to 4 weeks (if possible) to go through it all before moving to your new home.

Packing supplies

There can be additional supplies you may need during your move, so keep this in mind. You may have some of the items below but consider purchasing these items to make the process a bit easier.

  • Boxes or bins
  • Bubble wrap, newspaper, rope, zip ties
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Labels
  • Coloured stickers or tags
  • Garbage bags
  • Sharpie
It’s better to be prepared and organized to make the process easier. Try to fill all boxes according to the room and clearly label the outside of the box with your Sharpie. Also, be mindful of delicate items.

Be smart with packing

Once you’ve decluttered your closet you can also take a large garbage bag and pierce a hole at the top to group multiple items together, while they’re still hung up. When you arrive at your new home you can take off the garbage bag and have your multiple items hung up instantly. This works well for items that don’t have much weight to them like suits and dresses. Another great tip is to take a picture of items that you need to be grouped together. Computer, television, or tech wires may be easier to connect again if you have a picture of what you have to disconnect and connect. You can also use a color-coordinated sticker system that helps you connect input and output.

Keep important items with you

There are many more tips out there on how to move into your new home but we hope you found some of these tips we provided helpful. Now you can celebrate by opening that bottle of wine, and unpacking and organizing your new home. Here’s to you and your new home! Check out our latest Sold Out Project Harlo